Catering for 200 guests cost

Please search for a service. Average price range. Lowest price. Highest price. The industry of mobile food services continues to develop and grow offering new kinds of menus, serving options, food preparation techniques, and additional rental opportunities for their clients.

Pricing Guidelines for Catering

Catering services exist to facilitate preparation and holding of any event by providing food and drinks together with all supplementary rentals. Catering services are most often hired for events, gatherings, parties, and in the hotels to provide food and drinks service to guests and clients. The offered duties include everything from full-service dinners with plated food serving and food prepared on the spot to ready-to-eat buffet style food serving.

Apart from actual food and drinks, caterers usually offer the rentals of linens, silverware, glassware, and plates. Most catering experts provide all kinds of food serving: breakfast, brunch, tea, lunch, cocktails, dinner, and desserts.

Catering services cost is usually calculated in per-person ratio.

Average Catering Cost?

There are four basic types of food serving offered, namely plated dinner full-servicebuffet, family style, and cocktail style. Wedding catering costs much more than just a formal dinner with a business partner, for instance Here is the tentative per-person ratio of catering services for different event types:.

Generally, caterers have a minimum fee for big weekends and nights to guarantee that they work these special nights for a reason.

Most often catering companies include into the estimate not only a chef who cooks but also lots of stuff that helps with cooking and deals with serving the food.

catering for 200 guests cost

For instance, if you want to have a plated dinner then the caterer will include the cost of servers required for the food serving; another option is that the caterer calculates the cost of the food and then adds the cost of labor separately. The pricing strategy depends on a company, so ensure to request a detailed estimate before signing the papers. Yes, all companies provide equipment and food-related items for rental. Many, but not all, caterers offer tables, chairs, linens, tableware, silverware, glassware, and table decor for rent.

While plates, glasses, silverware, and linens are generally included in the estimate, the rest will be added to your cheque as extras. Yes and no. Yes, caterers provide beverages serving.

Yet, these are non-alcoholic beverages of your choice water, mineral water, tea, iced tea, coffee, hot chocolate, juices. If you want the server to take care of the bar at your event, make sure that the service you hire has a liquor license and a skilled bartender. For more details, check our bartender cost guide. However, below you can find a list of factors that influence the final bill:.Planning Tools Sign up Already a member?

Log in. Texas-Dallas and Ft. Worth New Discussion. April in Texas-Dallas and Ft. So about what is the average cost spent on catering? We are planning a wedding for guests and I have gotten a few catering quotes and the services charges attendants, cooks, bartenders seems like a lot to me! Report 0 Reply to Post. Re: Average Catering Cost? April I would say "average" is probably I spent more like 80 with alcohol.

Planning the Meal With All the Trimmings. Report 0 Reply. Yes 12pp is great! I just thought all the add ons were a little expensive, but I have nothing to compare it to! My total bill for people is coming to aroundBUT that does not include alcohol. It includes a buffet BBQ meal BBQ is cheapservice, and two bartenders for the night to serve alcohol that we are providing. It was a fairytale.

catering for 200 guests cost

Wow sounds great! Does that include dinnerware and linens? Agree with Stephie. April edited April Yeah I had in-house catering so my price included everything. I would still say it's average though, just not as low as I thought. Yeah service and rentals cost more than the food It is BYOB though and that will save us a lot of money.

It's hard to compare, because everyone gets the things you listed in different ways.The amount couples spend on their wedding day food varies widely across the country.

catering for 200 guests cost

Over half of all couples served their guests via standard buffet, while 42 percent offered full-service meals. Fourteen percent of couples took part in one of our favorite wedding trends : interactive food stations. Think: build-your-own taco bars, sliders on conveyor belts, eye-catching dessert displays, or edible escort cards.

Nearly one-third of all couples who wed in offered guests food favors as a token. If food is an important part of your love story or you just want to share your favorite snacks with your loved onessending your guests home with food favors is a great way to personalize your wedding.

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Of course, these food service options come at a cost. But despite the price, couples across the country have deemed catering a worthy expense. Ninety-five percent of all couples who exchanged vows in hired a professional caterer. Whether that wedding pro is handled by your venue or is an independent business is completely up to you and your partner though. Most reception venues will handle catering—in fact, more than half of respondents in our study 53 percent reported that their catering was part of the reception venue package.

Fifty-eight percent of those hosting a laid-back celebration are more likely to hire an independent caterer. Formal and black tie weddings, on the other hand, are more likely to pull out all the stops when it comes to day-of catering. Eighty-six percent of all fancier celebrations last year included a cocktail hour, and two-thirds offered guests a full-service meal. Couples who threw black tie weddings were also more likely to surprise guests with interactive food stations 23 percent included these and food favors 38 percent opted for these.

Because of all these options, it makes sense that the average wedding catering cost for formal affairs is higher. Whatever you end up deciding to do for your wedding day, you can expect to allot a good part of your budget towards food.

But if you ask us, sharing a special meal with all of your loved ones on your wedding day makes it all worth it. Log in. Sign up Log in. Lauren Scotti Photographer. Up Next. Follow a checklist with a breakdown of your budget to make planning a wedding on a budget easier. The Average Cost of Wedding Invitations in See All.It depends on the kind of wedding you want. Are we talking Platinum Weddings or backyard barbeque? Also what state? I live in NYC so everythinks is expensive. THats with open bar and seated dinner.

So right there were talking 20K to 40K. Music DJ about Limos about depending if you are doing 1 or 2. You should provide more details of you want more detailed pricing.

Maybe if you specify your state someone will have actual pricing for you. It would be easy to spend a lot more on the wedding gown, reception, and cakes.

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Misc expenses such as balloon decorations, extra flower decorations, add up quickly - but you can do alot of things simply if you choose.

It all depends on how elaborate you want to do it.

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There's no way to break down the costs because everyone spends money on different things. If the wedding is being held at a ritzy hotel or a country club or upscale exclusive catering hall, with no cash bar for the cocktail reception, etc.

There are a million other little things: guestbook, garters My mom already told me she's not throwing me a wedding; she thinks they're overrated. She recommonded I elope. Then she's going to give me the money for a down payment on a house. Answer Save. Maris Lv 6. Your dress, tuxes, shoes, nails, hair, etc Food just did appetizers midday, but it sure added up! Cake my neighbor is a baker and made it, then I bought a groom's cake.

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Get your answers by asking now.In a previous post about the cost of wedding catering, I talked about some of the considerations you should make as you are looking at and comparing prices of wedding catering. However, after thinking about it, I thought that it might be helpful to break things down in more detail using actual price ranges.

So here we go:. There are 4 basic styles of wedding catering…. I usually plan for people to have 3 servers. Taxes and Fees represent the TN state sales tax of 9. The pricing increases when you upgrade your entree or sides, add a salad to the buffet, or add a plated salad. Labor for any dinner using china plates is figured at 1 server per 25 guests. Rentals are figured using china plates, glassware, cloth napkins, and flatware. Taxes and Fees are the same, based proportionately on the cost of the other items.

Just as in the dinner buffet, you price can increase with an upgraded entree or the addition of a plated salad. Rentals are the same, as well as Taxes and Fees. Stations are priced out with the idea that each guest will get to visit a total of 3 stations.

Pricing varies based on the station seafood and prime rib are more expensive than pasta and turkey. It also varies with the number of stations. The stations would still be proportioned around an average of 3 per guest. Labor here depends on if you have an action or assisted station or if everything is self-served.

Rentals include anything from multiple plates, stemless, martini glasses, and utensils per person. The higher rental charge assumes the rental of table linens as well. Taxes and fees are well, the same proportional taxes and fees.

These prices are not necessarily the complete rule, more a combination of assumptions based on the majority of events we have done. And, as always, these prices are based on our actual costs and are subject of change just as our cost change from time to time. Should I Tip My Caterer? Planning a Wedding?

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A Happy Couple From Oxford. Preview Party. Call Us Today! How Much Does It Cost to Cater a Wedding — Part 2 posted by admin on February 2, in wedding In a previous post about the cost of wedding catering, I talked about some of the considerations you should make as you are looking at and comparing prices of wedding catering. So here we go: There are 4 basic styles of wedding catering….

Stations Stations are priced out with the idea that each guest will get to visit a total of 3 stations. Thanks for reading! Share this:. Popular Posts Related Posts. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Request a Quote. The Family Businesses.Planning a reception for hundreds of people can be a difficult task.

It's even trickier when you opt to feed a crowd with labor-intensive finger foods, rather than relatively simple and filling sit-down entrees. Whether it's a wedding reception or a community event, you'll need to organize a large number of details and a significant quantity of food preparation if you're going to bring it off successfully.

The first thing to do when planning a finger foods reception is to verify the number of guests. Determine the number of adults and children before ordering or confirming food with the caterer or venue.

Also, determine the length of the reception and the number of hours that food will be served. Because finger foods are being served in lieu of a meal, allow guests to nosh for about two-and-a-half to three hours. The types of finger food available to guests will also help determine how much to serve. A combination of both "light" and "heavy" appetizers should be served to meet the tastes of all guests.

Plan to serve about eight to 10 finger foods per adult guest, four to five per child, and be sure to supplement the finger foods with three large fruit trays, three cheese and smoked salmon trays, and three vegetable trays.

This will help fill guests up while keeping expenses to a minimum. Remember that keeping dishes fresh will make the food taste best; therefore, the suggested servings should be rotated through the reception rather than be served at once. Finger foods can be served on buffets and platters, by waiters on trays, or a combination of both. For the ideal food setup, put vegetable, fruit and cheese trays in various spots around the reception hall.

Set up a small buffet with chilled shrimp cocktail, dips and spreads with crudites, chicken tenders or nuggets with a variety of sauces, chicken wings with accompanying sauces and dressings, and chafing dishes filled with stuffed mushrooms. In addition to small buffets and tables, you can use waiters to serve hot, cold, and specialty finger foods on prepared trays. Keeping foods flowing throughout a reception will reduce the expense because guests won't be filling their own plates with appetizers constantly.

Served finger foods can include miniature crab cakes, miniature quiches, fried artichoke hearts, toasted ravioli, taquitos, hot and cold canapes, spiced polenta bites, stuffed olives, coconut shrimp, beef satay or chicken teriyaki skewers, finger sandwiches, rumaki, miniature savory cheesecakes, and small filled puff pastries. Wedding cake or cupcakes will help round out the meal; dessert finger foods for receptions include cookies and bite-sized cupcakes and candy set on buffet tables once the savory foods have been removed.

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Like, for starters, how does one pit-roast a hog? And where do you get a whole hog? Luckily for us, swine abound in rural Iowa, as do folks capable of pit-roasting them to perfection. My spouse-to-be made short work of these and other objections to her plan, and away we went with what turned out to be easily one of the five most memorable meals of my life. Pound for pound, it was one of the most cost-effective meals of my life too.

You can too. Try these strategies to reduce the total cost of the stretch between the end of the ceremony and the official start of the reception. You might:. White wine might be the safest choice since many drinkers avoid beer or hard liquor and some guests might be reticent to knock back cocktails before dinner.

Nowhere is it written that wedding cocktail hours must feature cocktails — or any alcohol at all, for that matter.

Whether BYOB flies at your venue or not, keep the booze locked up until dinner. In the meantime, mix a signature mocktail — perhaps your favorite cocktail, sans liquor. Indeed, if the reception and ceremony take place in the same location, there may be no need for a formal cocktail hour at all.

At cocktail hour, whet their appetites with a variety of bar snacks, such as nuts, pretzels, and dried fruit. Why not crowdsource your appetizer options?

This is a more manageable twist on the crowdsourcing theme. Instead of gifts, ask each member of your wedding party to make their favorite app or an app you assign for the reception. The same guidelines apply here. If the entire wedding party is available the night before the wedding, consider hosting a cooking marathon in a low-cost commercial kitchen near the venue.

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Try these tricks to elevate your off-the-shelf offerings:. Think: shrimp cocktail, bacon-wrapped scallops, and miniature savory pies with goodness knows how many ingredients.

catering for 200 guests cost

Cut the servers and pomp from the appetizer equation and have guests help themselves to their own apps at well-spaced stations. Creamy clam chowder or savory tomato bisque is far cheaper per serving than seafood ceviche or Caprese salad. Visually attractive appetizer ingredients, such as in-season vegetables, are often cheaper than drab fancy alternatives. It also looks equally fancy. Instead of a formal, seated dinner service, break out heavy apps during the cocktail hour and keep them flowing until toast time.